Every Brightonian knows there are endless options when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth, from sugary deep-fried doughnuts on the sea-front, to fine-dining final courses. But these 13 treats will kill your cravings and amp up your Instagram game to 20. So get your spoon and let’s go.

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1. Ben’s Cookies, 10 Duke Street, Instagram

Chunks not chips in moist, warm and richly chocolatey and gooey cookies that are dense, doughy and moreish. You’ll find these freshly baked cookies from 10am to 5pm at their counter on Duke Street. The unapologetically bold White Chocolate & Macadamia is so good it should put you in prison, and with a box of 7 for the price of 5 there’s one for you to enjoy, and 6 more for you to enjoy straight after.

2. 64 Degrees, 53 Meeting House LaneInstagram

Ever-changing desserts remarkable for their taste, beauty and scarcity – because getting a booking at 64 Degrees between May and August is an achievement itself. Deservedly so, as chef Michael Bremner and his team have won every Brighton-based culinary award many times over, as well as the BBC’s Great British Menu with his perfect-10 main course. But the best bit? The food is reasonably priced and the space not at all stuffy. If dessert documenting is top of your list, the open kitchen, smiling staff and intimate industrial setting are all the accents you need for the perfect shot.

3. Choccywoccydoodah, Hot Chocolate, 3 Meeting House Lane, Instagram

Look at this beast. It’s a work of modern art, chocolate dessert and 62 frantic-hours guilt-cardio in one. Watch as the carefully placed caramel stroopwafel slowly and seductively softens and falls into the river of cocoa floating below, and weep sugary tears as you realise that you’re about to get more Insta likes than this thing has calories. This incredible hot chocolate served with ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate straws takes pride of place on the menu at Brighton’s artisan chocolatier Choccywoccydoodah.

 4. Terre A Terre, 71 East St, Instagram

Iconic vegetarian restaurant and fancy purveyor of desserts so original and magical they should be framed and hung in galleries not gobbled down by greedy punters like you. If you’re feeling flash and want art with your aching teeth, then Terre A Terre on East Street is waiting for you and your iPhone.

5. Wafflemeister, 49 West St, Instagram

The perfect waffle. Brioche-soft centre in a chewy, dense, sweet and caramelised shell. The dough itself is handmade in Belgium, using a decade-old secret family recipe that would make Colonel Sanders envious. This picture perfection is then tarted up with toppings including chocolate sauce, cream, Oreo cookies, marshmallows and fresh strawberries and bananas. This Creme-egg combo’s just £7. How do you eat yours? Without shame and more often than I call my mum.

6. Julien Plumart, 48 Queens Road and 27 Duke Street, Instagram

Jesus take the wheel

Just look at it

Julien Plumart is Brighton’s most elegant pâtisserie, and the new home for those of you pretending to be classy. Come for the masterful cakes, return for the Good Taste award-winning macarons – in flavours like mojito and salted caramel – which will send taste buds wild for just over a quid each. Sadly, we buy them so often we’ve had to block our bank manager’s calls. Sorry Brian. [On a budget? Try making the macarons at home using their recipe found here]

7. Boho Gelato, 6 Pool Valley, Instagram

With your thermometer edging ever nearer to ten degrees it’s time to commit to cooling down. Boho Gelato’s ever-changing list of 24 inventive flavours like red velvet cupcake and passion fruit custard will blow your mouth off and your phone’s notifications up. After all, a coupla scoops of ice cream craftily posed in front of the pier’s iconic Brighton sign is a Dessertgram classic.

Did we nail it? Who should we add? Share your tips for delightful dessert and restaurant recs in our comments below and guarantee our visitors experience the quality sugar rush they deserve.