Every Brightonian knows that hungover Sundays are for one thing only.

Roast dinners.

In fact, one of the most active and addictive Facebook Groups in Brighton is solely dedicated to the British art of the perfect Sunday Roast.

If you can’t eat them, drool over photos of them.

The Brighton Sunday Roast Club is a local community of roast-ravers, photo-snappers and raters sharing their reviews of meat and two/three/four/five veg at pubs and restaurants in and around BN1.

So undo your belt buckle and expect mouth-watering pictures, honest punter-reviews and a worrying amount of parsnip chips controversy.

There’s no better way to stay updated on where to find your next perfectly-cooked cuts of meat, crisp-yet-fluffy roasties, rich meaty gravy, and Yorkshire puds the size of a clenched fist.

You’ll find passionate food rants, endless comment and debate, and out-of-10 ratings posted all week.

Active members of the group agree that there’s a holy trinity of must-visit venues for roasts in Brighton. The Southern Belle “The best roast I’ve ever had by far!”, The Ladies Mile “If I was on death row, that would be the last meal” and Three Jolly Butchers “It was MASSIVE. It completely defeated me”.

However, due to the group’s success it’s now significantly easier to enjoy and envy the mouth-watering photos than it is to get a booking. Call today.

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Photo: Southern Belle, Kelly Tompkins