The humble, unassuming bowl of breakfast cereal.

It could never compete with Brighton’s bottomless Prosecco brunch at Red Roaster or The All American at The Breakfast Club.


This isn’t any cereal. This is sugary concoctions and wild combinations of cereal, flavoured milk and 31 toppings like blended Skittles and Bourbon biscuits. This is the global SUPERSTARS of pre-10am crunch imported from South Africa, America, Australia and Germany. This is custard milk. Yes, we repeat: THEY HAVE CUSTARD MILK.

Forget your Summer beach bod ambitions and food air-miles guilt complex and order up a bowl of Unicorn Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch Halloween Crunch, Golden Grahams, Cinnabon or Lucky Charms.

Trafalgar Street welcomes Brighton’s first cereal cafe this Friday June 1st. Founded by local pals Oskar and Kostya, we’re promised a cool, quirky and relaxed atmosphere with an interior focused on drawing and doodling. There’ll be pens and pads on the tables for you to scribble with, and a board to pin up your masterpiece.

And for the ethically minded, not only does the menu contain many choices of plant-based mylks including hemp, oat, coconut and soya, but the takeaway bowls and spoons themselves are fully compostable.

Even better news. If you’re in the first 100 to snap, crackle and pop down to the opening at 10am this Friday 01 June (and follow Cereal Café on Insta) you’ll be given your breakfast bowl 100% free. Pass the spoon and set your alarm.

Brighton Cereal Café [basement of Café Trafé], 38 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4ED