Pretty Woman, Jaws, Dunkirk, Romeo & Juliet, The Greatest Showman, Grease, Moana and Mean Girls are taking a trip to the seaside. This Summer classic films, recent box-office smashes, and shorts celebrating our city, hit Brighton Beach on the highest definition outdoor LED screen in the country.

For just £5 and the cost of a cosy blanket you and your pals can experience the perfect cinematic experience in one of the country’s most beautiful locations, with the iconic Brighton Pier as your backdrop.

And if you’re feeling fancy AF and love life’s luxuries, grab an all-day VIP beach hut with its own mini-fridge and butler service. Just don’t forget to invite your pals at Buzz Brighton.

The Luna Beach open air cinema, whose one-month residency runs from June 15th to July 15th, will be located on Brighton Beach itself, about 400 metres east of Palace Pier. There will be 32 film screenings, alongside a sports programme that includes over 40 football matches from the FIFA World Cup, tennis from Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix

So grab an ice cream, pop the Prosecco, pull up a deck chair (for £7 more) and join 2,000 people trying to making fetch happen.

Tickets on sale now.