It’s universally accepted that everything is better deep fried.

In fact if you dipped a phone book in batter and fried it for 120 seconds we’d be first to order it on Deliveroo.

Realising this truth, Christian and Sebastian, the quirky masterminds at The Seven Star’s impressive popup kitchen CroustillantD, have created this mindblowing crispy combo – The Creme Scotch Egg.

2 months in the making and two seconds to eat it all, this obscene dessert takes everyone’s favourite Cadbury’s Creme Egg, dips it in delicious salted caramel and rolls it in crushed popcorn, then coats it in biscuit crumb and fries it to even-softer-centre perfection.

Imagine this gooe-y godsend served with a vanilla parfait and candied mint leaves, then cancel your Easter plans and your beach-bod ambitions and book a table at The Seven Stars.

Our dear Brighton, once again proving itself to be Britain’s best city when it comes to world-class landmark gastronomy. We love you.

£6 each or two for just £6.95 using Wriggle when you sign up with this link.

Scotch Creme Egg, Croustillant D @ The Seven Stars, 27 Ship Street

H/T Wriggle Brighton